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One of the big questions surrounding Terminator: Genisys is this: Will Arnold Schwarzenegger say 'that line'? You know the one I mean.

According to, leaks have emerged from the set of Terminator: Genisys which concern a potential scene from the sort-of-rebooted franchise. If you do not want to know any more, I suggest you stop reading this article now.


Earlier this year, EntertainmentWeekly headed to the set of Terminator: Genisys to snap some shots of the production. Among other things was news the film would contain a helicopter scene. Not much more about this was actually revealed by EW, however leaks suggested this could be the scene which contains the iconic, "I'll be back" line. TheTerminatorFans state:

According to leaks Arnold Schwarzenegger will jump out of the helicopter Sarah Connor is flying after delivering the classic line “I’ll be back” but it is unknown what he’ll be jumping down to. Water? A RoboCop (2014) style land on the ground? Or a deadly enemy that needs dealing with on the ground below?

Do you think he's going to tell Connor to "Get to da choppa!" too?

We're all currently awaiting for the first trailer for the fifth Terminator movie. So far, the stuff we've seen from the movie hasn't been particularly promising (most notably some disgusting promo pics) but perhaps that's just bad marketing? Let's hope so.

Terminator: Genisys is due into theaters on July 1st, 2015.


Terminator: Genisys sounds...

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