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We're no strangers to seeing trucks and cars flip around each other on the big screen, but here's a new automobile stunt which doesn't involve a millisecond of cinematic wizardry. It's all 100% real.

It seems like Lotus got bored of doing rather terribly in the Formula 1 season, and has instead decided to team up with EMC to try and break the longest truck jump record. But that's not all, why they were at it, they figured they may as well drive a formula 1 car under the truck as well. Check out the stunt below:

Want to see that stunt over and over again until the end of time? Well, here's a GIF of it:

Driving the truck was Mike Ryan, a veteran stunt co-ordinator who has conducted work on the Fast and Furious franchise and Terminator 2, while Martin Ivanov (who has worked on the Bourne and Bond movies) drove the F1 car. I'm not sure which role would have been more terrifying.

If you want to find out more details about the stunt, you can see some behind the scenes footage at EMC's homepage.


This stunt was...

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