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Kit Simpson Browne

Yes, that's right. It's here. And...y'know what? Go right ahead and watch it - it's what I've been doing on loop for the past ten minutes...

So. We now have an honest-to-goodness, real life, actual, factual Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer in our lives - and, thankfully, it's just as awesome as we'd all hoped...

It's also, though, full of some very specific forms of awesomeness, including...

John a Stormtrooper!

A Brand New Droid!


Daisy Ridley!

...On a Speeder!

X-Wings, Over Water!

...with Oscar Isaac in One of Them!

A Broadsword Lightsaber!

and, best of all...


All of which, together, make up a pretty perfect ball of geek-tastic Star Wars joy.

And, now? I'm going to go and watch it again (several hundred times), and get increasingly over-excited...

What do you guys think, though?


Is the Force Awakens trailer everything you were hoping for?


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