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With the release of the trailer, the plot speculation around Avengers 2 Age of Ultron reached new levels of intensity. Fans saw theories they had already established about what would happen in the movie, either confirmed or denied by what they saw, or else they came up with new ones.

There are some things we know for sure. We know Tony Stark is the creator of Ultron, but loses control of him, we know we will meet Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and things look pretty bad for the citizens of Slorenia - beyond that, however, lies speculation.

The Avengers 2: A House Divided

One thing the Avengers 2 trailer is particularly good at is showing how the threat of Ultron will tear apart the bond The Avengers[The Avengers](movie:9040)formed after the first movie, and the "death" of Agent Coulson.

We begin with Hawkeye expressing doubts about Thor's Hammer Mjolnir, and then see the team take turns at lifting the Asgardian weapon - with no one able to. The tone is light-hearted, and fun. They are enjoying each other's company. Then Ultron staggers in - rewatch the trailer here, and see that moment for yourself:

After Ultron's appearance, everything changes. We see drones scaling houses, cities in ruins, and Avenger turn on Avenger with more ferocity than ever before. Not only is there the famous Hulkbuster Iron Man vs Hulk fight, but Thor grabs Tony Stark by the neck.

What has turned the Avengers against each other?
What has turned the Avengers against each other?

So what can unite The Avengers again, and how will they defeat Ultron?

Black Panther: Wakandan King, New Leader?

Well perhaps the answer lies in a newcomer to the team that we have not yet seen in action.

If Ultron, at the start of the trailer, is a staggering wreck, by the end we see him in his full glory.

Can Ultron get EVEN stronger than this?
Can Ultron get EVEN stronger than this?

Over 8ft tall and made from Adamantium - the same super-strong metal alloy that forms Wolverine's skeleton - Ultron keeps upgrading himself until he is nearly unstoppable.

After all, it would take something incredibly powerful to destroy Captain America's shield!

Captain America's broken shield!
Captain America's broken shield!

Except there is one thing stronger than Adamantium, and it has been used in the past to take down Ultron - Vibranium. And the world's only source of that metal is found in Wakanda, the one nation never to have been invaded, which is ruled by the one and only [Black Panther](movie:9047).

If it was the death of Agent Coulson which united The Avengers if their first movie, could it be the introduction of Black Panther which sees them come together once more this time?

Ulysses Klaw: Vibranium Mad

There is another factor that points to the inclusion of Black Panther, too - this time, though, it comes in the form of a potential threat to the Avengers. Andy Serkis is widely believed to be playing Ulysses Klaw - a physicist who will stop at nothing to get his hands on Vibranium, Wakanda's most precious resource.

Is Andy Serkis Ulysses Klaw?
Is Andy Serkis Ulysses Klaw?

In the comics, Ulysses Klaw has teamed up with Ultron in order to battle [The Avengers](movie:9040) - and it is possible that he could do the same in Avengers 2? Could the movie turn on a race between The Avengers on the one hand, and Ulysses Klaw and Ultron on the other to harness Vibranium?

Surely if Ultron managed to construct himself from Vibranium, he would be near unstoppable!

So what do you think? Will Black Panther play the key role in the the final defeat of Ultron, or will Ulysses Klaw allow the maniacal robot to become near-invincible?

Write in with your own [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) thoughts below the line!


Which character will be most important in defeating Ultron?


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