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After months of waiting there is a confirmation. Jenna Coleman who plays Clara Oswald is staying after Christmas for at least half of Series 9 which is set to air in Autumn 2015.

The Mirror paper that started the rumour by saying she is leaving are now claiming that she will be staying. Apparently Jenna had a 'Change of Heart'.

Jenna Coleman had planned to bow out of the epic show in August in the upcoming Christmas Special. Her decisions have thrilled the head writer Steven Moffat who believes that Coleman and Capaldi work well together.

But now that she is staying it means scrapping the first set of scripts in the new Series and the Christmas Special. The original draft of the Christmas Special script saw the character Clara Oswald die. Clara Oswald was to become an old woman and die of old age with the Doctor at her side :(. But if you look at this, it is a repeat from the 2013 Christmas Special when the Doctor regenerated of old age.

So roll on Christmas and Series 9 when Jenna Coleman is set to return!!


Do you agree with the idea of Clara Oswald staying?

Christmas Special Trailer!


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