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It's been six years since Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and in those years Del Toro has been a very busy man. He's worked with hobbits, overseen battles between giant robots and giant aliens and even saw an idea for a video game get culled by the collapse of THQ. He's a regular octopus, but the chance of Perlman donning the jacket and stubby horns for the last time seems pretty low.

But Perlman and Del Toro make a formidable team together, we know it, Perlman knows it and I'm very sure Del Toro does too (they've worked on six films together dammit!). This is why Ron Perlman recently spoke with radio DJ Tony Tone about the chance of bringing Brother Red back onto our screens for another high octane adventure fest!

If you haven't got the chance to listen to it, about five and a half minutes in Perlman answers the question as to whether Hellboy will return, to which he replies:

I’m fighting for it. Guillermo del Toro kind of wants to do it, but he’s very busy. It’s got to be him, because he’s the guy that created the saga, and the shape of it, and he knows how it’s supposed to end. But yeah, I think it’s essential that we end it, because it was meant to be three movies, so I’m fighting for it, but there’s nothing to report right now.

Hmm, it's not looking too good at the moment especially with Del Toro working on Pacific Rim 2, Crimson Peak, Kung Fu Panda 3 and the video game horror Silent Hills. But if there's anyone who can kickstart this movie into being made, it's Hellboy himself!

I believe in you, Ron! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

(Source: Tony Tone 3 via Soundcloud)


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