ByFranck Van Leeuwen, writer at

Feature animated film

Written and directed by Jean-Jacques Kahn and Franck Van Leeuwen

Produced by Nadège Hasson and Jean-Jacques Jauffret – Explicit Films

Duration: 80’

Drama / biopic

Target audience: young adults & adults

YOUNG PEREZ tells the love story of two kids, Victor Young Perez and Monette.

Boxing world champion in 1931, Victor shares a wealthy life of glory and passion with the actress Mireille Balin.

Monette, who has stayed in Tunis has sworn to wait till his return. She lives an imaginary life through a collection of front-page headlines of popular newspapers.

Unfortunately, Victor’s career declines and war breaks out. Feeling humiliated, he refuses to go back to Tunisia.

Because he is Jewish, Victor is arrested by the French police in 1943 before he is deported to Auschwitz and killed during the Death Marches.

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