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With Dragon Age: Inquisition dominating my existence at the moment, as it has left Bioware's genius hands, the developers are sure to be looking onto the horizon, ready to dazzle us once more with Mass Effect 4 and Shadow Realms for the Xbox One and PS4.

These games are a long way away, and I'm sure the wait will be long and arduous. Bioware has yet to confirm any aspects about the upcoming space adventure, aside from the fact that Shepard is no longer in the story and that they will be borrowing aspects of Dragon Age: Inquisition for the game.

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Mass Effect 4 Without Mankind

Garrus from Mass Effect
Garrus from Mass Effect

There are plenty of directions that Bioware could take ME4. We know that we'll be taken to a whole new region of space, with an inordinate amount of planets to visit and explore. We'll have more to do in this game then all of the other Mass Effect titles, perhaps even combined! But what direction will the story take us, and who will we play as?

I'm a full supporter of the idea of multiple playable races. With the inclusion of the Qunari in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I'm sure that playing as a perhaps a Turian is the next natural step for Bioware. But could alien races take the centre stage this time? Will we see a galaxy absent of mankind?

Mass Effect Makko
Mass Effect Makko

We know that the Makko will more than likely have an increased presence in the game, as we've seen in the concept art. We may even be able to wander around massive planets with far more exploration possible, as opposed to just hopping in the Makko and driving to one location on the whole planet.

But maybe Bioware could take the story to a time when mankind wasn't part of the Citadel? Or perhaps even jump forward in time and explore a part of space where mankind hasn't even touched. Though Bioware is going to want to include all of the races that we've encountered in the past.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Perhaps, if I may combine two aspects of speculation here, the child of Shepard (you can read more on this here), could venture into a new galaxy filled with alien races we've never encountered. A force, like the Reapers, is threatening their way of existence. Therefore, the alien races we're so familiar with must venture forth and come together to save their way of life.

I'm just getting excited about this title and guessing here. What I'm hoping is that you guys will offer your thoughts on the plot that Bioware may weave for Mass Effect 4! Let us know what you think lies in store for Bioware's next adventure.


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