BySimon Hardy Butler, writer at

What's going on, Hollywood? Why aren't we seeing a big-budget production of the story of Judah Maccabee in movie theaters this holiday season?

We're getting yet another iteration of the biblical story of Moses in the dreadful-looking Ridley Scott project Exodus: Gods and Kings. What's up with that? Are you telling me that the story of Hanukkah won't be as interesting or relevant as this flick?

Come on. As a movie enthusiast of Jewish heritage, I lament the fact that the industry doesn't churn out as many close-to-hamishe pictures as it should in December. It's too bad, too, because the story of Hanukkah is fascinating, an action-packed, battle-filled true tale about a people's rebellion against intolerance and repression. There's everything a studio could want.

Hollywood is playing dreidel with my heart.
Hollywood is playing dreidel with my heart.

Instead of rehashing the same old thing, why not gravitate toward something different? A Hanukkah-themed spectacular centering on the Maccabees would be just the ticket. And it wouldn't invite comparison to previous biblical efforts, such as The Ten Commandments. It would stand alone.

In an era when so much in the movie industry has become derivative, a Hanukkah picture would be a breath of fresh air. Try it, Hollywood. You won't regret it.


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