ByGorgana Gaboom, writer at

British actor and song-write, Sammi Carter, is set to replace Jenna Coleman as the Doctor's companion for the ninth Series of Doctor Who, which is set to air in August 2015.

Coleman is set to depart from the series either in the 2014 Christmas Special or in the first few episodes of the next series after two years on the show.

Casting the new companion was a long and strenuous process, which began earlier this year. "It just felt right" says Steven Moffat, head writer of Doctor Who. "Sammi is perfect for the role. Ladies - watch out!"

Carter's name appeared on the list in 2013, when the 12th Doctor was set to be announced, but unfortunately, he didn't get the role due to family commitments.

"What can i say? It's a privilege, it really is." Says Sammi, exclusively to our source. "I can't wait to join this 10/10 series."

Sammi will board the TARDIS next year, and will star alongside Peter Capaldi. No details about his character are known yet, but no doubt we will find out very shortly as filming for the ninth series goes underway in the New Year.


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