ByGwen Miller-Kessler, writer at

After Alaric compelled Elena to make her forget her love for Damon, it was clear that trouble was on the horizon for Daleric's bromance, but things might be kicking off sooner than we think.

TV Guide has teased that Alaric and Damon will be at odds in an upcoming episode, and while it's easy to imagine Damon getting enraged with Alaric, the conflict will be started by the Whitmore College professor as opposed to the hotblooded vampire.

Of course, Damon agers absolutely everyone he comes into contact with on a regular basis with his wind-up merchant ways, but it seems like this spat will be a lot more serious.

In fact, it will be serious enough for the pair to exchange blows over the conflict!

What do you think Damon is going to do to drive the normally mild-manner Alaric into a violent rage?


Do you think that Damon & Alaric's bromance will come to a end


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