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It's no secret that a lot rests on the premiere of a new TV show. Competition is fierce, and sometimes it seems that new shows are barely given a chance to shine before being cancelled. Starting strong can make all the difference to the popularity of a new show, and it seems that Agent Carter is planning to come out with all guns blazing.

ABC have released their schedules for the new year, and Agent Carter, which premiers on Tuesday, Jan 6th, takes up a two hour time slot.

This looks to be a double length episode, rather than the first two combined - mostly because we already know that the first season of Agent Carter is eight episodes long, and running from the 6th to Feb 24th is a full eight weeks, rather than the seven that would be sufficient if the first two episodes aired together.

It's an interesting move by the creators, but could this be a little too much right off the bat?

It's not uncommon for shows to start with a bang, but I wonder if a two hour premiere might strain the attention spans of viewers - let's face it, that's basically an Agent Carter movie created to start a very short season. I've been excited for the show since it was announced, but I have a feeling that I'll be searching for the time to watch the first episode now that I know how long it will be!

The writers are going to have to create something truly engaging and action-packed to keep viewers not only watching on the first night, but excited for the next episode - I hope that they can manage it! After all, they do have plenty of source material, wonderful characters and something of a classic story to tell (spunky woman fighting against the limits of her society).

A short season with a long start... it's definitely an interesting concept, and the time slot is ideal for keeping the Agents of SHIELD fans tuning in every Tuesday for their Marvel TV fix.

Of course, there is one more possibility; that the first episode has an element of crossover with Agents of SHIELD. Agent Carter has appeared already in this season, and a crossover episode may be easier to fill (while not giving people too much of a new show all at once). It also makes sense considering that Agent Carter is essentially filling the mid-season break for Agents of SHIELD - why not have one show lead into the other, to try and transfer as many fans as possible?

I'll be excited to see what they decide to do with this all-important opening show, although if this does end up as a crossover with AOS, there is one small problem; I'll have to catch up with that show first!


Will you be watching the 2-hour premiere of Agent Carter?


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