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Hey fans, I'm back for my second article. This time I thought I would cover another subject that I enjoy a great deal......STAR WARS! So we have the new (official) teaser trailer from Abrams, Lucasfilm, and Disney respectively.

Now as it is known of almost all Jedi/Sith, they typically construct their own lightsaber. I'll admit, while this style of lightsaber is cool, is it practical? If you look very closely at the hilt it appears to be slightly slimmer than the versions we are use to.

Courtesy markdelete/devianart
Courtesy markdelete/devianart

As you can see while many lightsabers have a different thickness or even tip on their handle: they all appear to have the same basic outline, with the exception being Darth Maul's double-blade.

So why change the lighsaber? Well back in 1999 when the first installment to the not wholesomely received prequel trilogy came out, Lucasfilm and George himself felt the need to add something that had yet to be seen in the Star Wars Universe: a fearsome villain with a double-bladed lightsaber.

Now it had been roughly one thousand years since the Sith had been seen openly. As far as we know no Jedi living had encountered a Sith with such a lightsaber; and not a single Jedi in the prequel trilogy can I recall brandishing one themselves. So this was an obstacle these Jedi perhaps had never faced......a double-bladed lightsaber wielding Sith.

In the context of The Force Awakens, it has been theorized that Luke has nearly gone mad and withdrawn himself from the Force. If he never passed down the knowledge he learned (as Yoda told him), then he is the only full-fledged Jedi in the galaxy. Therefore the only obstacle he has overcome would be the untold power of the Emperor, and the blade of one of the best duelists in the known universe.....Darth Vader!

This presents Luke, and whatever force-sensitive student that seeks him out as a Master, with an obstacle they have never faced. The one still above shows a Force-wielder with extreme skill; the ingenuity to construct a lightsaber so unique, it has never been seen in the galaxy before; and is quite ominous by the way he/she walks in the video.

My assumption of who that is would be either an Inquisitor from the Rebels animated series or a descendant of one in the context of Master/Apprentice.

Now don't get me wrong fans, this doesn't necessarily mean that all Lightsabers are changed. Though it would be awesome if say the main hero or even Luke builds one to match.

So just to clarify.......why change the Lightsaber?

A. Because it is new to the Star Wars Universe

B. Because it presents an obstacle our heroes have not yet face

C. Because it is awesome!!

Sound off in the comments below. And once again I ask you watch the foul language, out of respect. Thanks!!


What do you think? Should the Lightsaber have been changed?


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