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If you felt like me when you watched The Force Awakens trailer, a ridiculous amount of joy and childhood bewilderment went gushing out of you. Maybe you had flashbacks to one of your first Star Wars experiences. Maybe you were like Mr. Olan Rogers and did a double fist in the air after watching!

Photo credit to @_krad26 via twitter
Photo credit to @_krad26 via twitter

That opening shot is what has me thinking over and over about some of the possibilities of John Boyega's character. So, let's look at something that has been thrown at us under the radar that we may not have thought about.


Photos credited  to this website:
Photos credited to this website:

Most of the pages that I have liked on Facebook and Twitter are indeed Star Wars related. And at a particular point in time earlier this year my newsfeed was crowded with Imperial Propaganda. Looking at them made me wonder what it would be like to walk the streets of Coruscant, turn a corner and there would be a recruitment office with those propaganda posters hanging in a window or displayed on a large hologram screen.

Let's say that that stormtrooper that we saw panting and huffing and puffing with sweat rolling down his face, once upon a time, saw one of those propaganda ads and decided to enlist in order to make some kind of a difference in the galaxy. Or maybe even to reap havoc on the galaxy and had a change of heart? What if he was on that ship in the trailer and was found out about his change of heart, and the probe droids that we hear in the background and the other troops are to execute him? It could be something even as simple has him being a spy for the rebellion!

There are dozens of things that could happen with his character but these are some of my theories and I won't be surprised if I'm not too far off from the actual plot line. After all, he is on a desert planet so that could be his connection to Daisy Ridley's character. They could already have some sort of history and that is why Boyega's character is on that desert planet (Tatooine?) in the first place.

Even if this I have a few outlandish theories one thing is for sure, Boyega has a large role in this next installment of the Star Wars saga and I cannot wait to see where this is going to go over the next several years!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens releases in theaters December 18, 2015, but until then here is the trailer... #


Do you think this will be how Boyega's character meets Ridley's character?


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