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Well, finally. After almost a month since principle photography wrapped on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and a year of anxiously waiting. We have our first teaser trailer, and it's amazing.


When I heard the trailer was only going to be shown in select theaters, I was very disappointed that none of the theaters were remotely close to me. But then, something amazing happened. It was a gift from Zeus himself. It was announced that the trailer would be released online via iTunes Trailers. This morning at around 10:20am, I searched for the trailer. It wasn't on my iTunes Trailers app, I about had a mental breakdown. I frantically searched to find the trailer somewhere. Twitter, Facebook, everywhere I could. Then I scrolled down, and I see a link on my Facebook feed, it was a link to the trailer. I pressed on the link. It began to buffer. Fortunately, my always trusty 4G LTE from the lovely AT&T (all sarcasm intended), was working fine for 90 seconds.

After watching the trailer, I stood and thought to myself. "Holy shit." That's all I could think. It was pretty much perfect in every way. The shots were great, the music was fantastic, the triple lightsaber looked amazing. I wish I could've seen a glimpse of Luke, Han, or Leia. But other than that, I loved every bit of it. What made the trailer for me was the X-Wing fighter shot. When they glide over the water, and the classic cockpit view of course. It felt like the classic Star Wars to me. That's what we all want right? To forget this.....


For the first teaser trailer, it really got my excited and gives me hope that they will bring back the classic space opera in style. I can honestly say that this may well be J.J. Abrams best work. I just can't wait another year! Here it is!


What do you think of the new trailer?


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