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Warning: Spoilers from Season 1 Episode 1

How To Get Away with Murder is a new legal drama mystery series that goes on the ideas of crime and law. It's a show that follows a professor and group of students through a story of lies and murder.

This is a show that I would highly recommend to people who enjoy mystery and the battle between being good or evil. This is a show that creates numerous lies that each character has to struggle with. Lies of cheating and murder follow them through.

Characters and Plot

Viola Davis plays the character Professor Annalise Keatin, who is the professor over the group of students. She is an important character this is portrayed as a strong and individual women with power. She has been set up as a character of power at the start of the series. She is seen is the ideal person, as many of the students want to impress and even become.

As you go through the series premier, you see that Keatin is cheating on her husband with Detective Nate Lahey, who is played by Billy Brown. When she is caught by one of her students, she asks him to keep it a secret. This is going to be an important aspect to the story as the story progresses, especially as her husband is seen dead at the end of the episode. We are unclear of the full story of his death and who killed him but as the story grows, this could make things a lot messier.

The students of the class include Connor Walsh (played by Jack Falahee), Michaela Pratt (played by Aja Naomi King), Asher Millstone (played by Matt McGorry), Laurel Castillo (played by Karla Souza), and Wes Gibbins (played by Alfred Enoch). The students play an important roles as they are seen as the tops students of the class and are hired to be work part of the firm.

Through out the episode, there are flash backs of the students deciding what to do with the body and dealing with the body of Keatin's husband. The are constantly disagreeing and unsure of what to do.

Out of all the students, Wes will probably play the most important role as he has the most individual contact with Keatin. Wes will play a key role through out the story because he is seen as the weaker link the group of students. At times during the flashbacks he has shown leadership roles. I believe throughout the series the relationship between Wes and Keatin will become complicated.


The series will be depended on the secrets and relationships between the group of characters. The outcome of the story will be determined on how the relationships will work out.

Important characters are going to be put into danger or some sort of trouble eventually due to the secrets that they are hiding. I can predict that a major character might be killed off by an other character to protect secrets.

The show uses secrets and complicated relationships to put complications in the story line. Overall, I would recommend the show to anyone who is interested in a messy plot of lies and murder. I would give the show a high rating as it is intriguing and succeeds in getting my interest.


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