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It's been more than two years since Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' was released in theaters yet discussion regarding the film still rages on. And if anything's clear - this is a film which will be discussed in years to come.

But what I've decided to talk about is the 'hate' - The Dark Knight Rises clearly gathered hate, however what I have questioned is whether The Dark Knight Rises is really considered by consensus, one of Christopher Nolan's weakest film? If you're exposed to the posts which disliked the film, then sure. But once one examines the reception this film received, I find it difficult to believe.

Case in point, from the Rotten Tomatoes critic website the film scored 88% with an average rating of 8/10.

Evidently, these are very strong scores. Especially the average rating, which is actually a better indicator of a film's quality; whereas the overall percentage simply indicates how many critics liked the film. For example, a children's film may gain a 90% percentage rating over an indie film of the same score, yet the indie film may receive a higher average rating which tells us that it was judged to be better in quality.

And once I compare it to the score of Batman Begins, it's actually higher (average rating) from both critics and fans.

Primarily, albeit from strictly Top Critics only, The Dark Knight Rises scores higher once again. In addition to this, the IMDb score (along with it's ranking in the Top 250 is also higher).

And by contrast, Batman Begins is not only more than 50 places lower but it's MetaCritic score is 8 points lower.

While the validity of IMDb can certainly be questioned, this doesn't change the fact that The Dark Knight Rises scored much higher than Batman Begins from Rotten Tomatoes (both critics and audience) and MetaCritic. Additionally it made the top AFI films list for 2012, as The Dark Knight did for 2008.

In fact, once these quantifiable scores are put into perspective, The Dark Knight Rises ranks as one of Christopher Nolan's highest ranked films - is the idea of The Dark Knight Rises being the weakest of the trilogy and of his filmography really substantiated by a consensus?


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