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As all of us who don't hibernate will have probably noticed, Star Wars: the Force Awakens dropped a trailer recently. It answered many questions we had, and also left us with a bunch more. But there isn't enough time in the universe to discuss everything I'd like to, so I'm only going to talk about one thing; what's up with that cross blade lightsaber?

Now, it's very feasible that its simply there to look cool, or to symbolise some kind of satanic evil in its bearer (which you can read a great article on here) but I have a theory of my own. One which would make a lot of sense, as well as explaining all the design flaws in the saber. But what are those flaws you may ask? And that's a valid question if you have a social life and haven't spent the past 24 hours analysing and reading up on the trailer.

Well, if you look at the handle, the bits that project the cross blade actually extend out from the handle, meaning that any blade sliding down this particular saber would just cut straight through the cross-section, rendering the idea of having a guard pointless. It’s also pretty dangerous regards to your hand on the hilt, as it could probably incinerate your fingers quite easily, or at the very least give you bad burns, though the user could very well have cyborg hands.

There's been an awakening, have you felt it?
There's been an awakening, have you felt it?

So how can I explain this you ask? Well, as you may have gathered from my not too subtle title, I think it might not be a fully-fledged lightsaber. Now that’s not to say it ain’t a lightsaber, that much is blatantly obvious, but who’s to say that it’s a sophisticated one? I mean, Luke is the only person we know of in the movie-verse that has the knowledge to build a fully refined lightsaber. Also, if you look closely at the GIF above, the blade itself looks incredibly unstable, with the colour fluctuating and energy seeming to pulsate, even for the brief second we see it. The cross-guard itself looks even more unstable, in fact, it looks less a saber blade and more akin to a couple of flames, as you can see them kind of flickering towards their ends. So wouldn’t it make sense if this lightsaber had to burn off the excess fuel generated due to it being an unrefined example of its kind?

The more I think about this theory, the more I find it makes sense. The sith were destroyed, and even though they're experiencing some kind of awakening, who's there to teach the new batch of sith warriors how to build a lightsaber, so it makes a lot of sense for them to start off with a basic and not altogether well built attempt at a lightsaber.

Wrapping Up...

But that's just my theory on the bizarre and impractical (yet pretty damn cool) lightsaber that this as of yet anonymous sith Lord/warrior/inquisitor/anything is wielding. Do you have your own thoughts? Do you agree with me? Either way, feel free to let us know in the comments below, and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!


What do you think of the new lightsaber?


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