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*The Film isn't called "The Adventure Begins". *

Ben Whishaw - VOICE of Paddington
Hugh Bonneville - Mr. Brown
Sally Hawkins - Mrs. Brown
Julie Walters - Mrs. Bird[3]
Jim Broadbent - Mr. Gruber
Peter Capaldi - Mr. Curry
Nicole Kidman - Millicent
Michael Gambon - VOICE of Uncle Pastuzo
Imelda Staunton - VOICE of Aunt Lucy


This is one of the best films I have ever seen!!

Finally Paddington Bear comes to life in this all new adventure. We see him at the beginning living with his Aunty and Uncle in Peru. It is 'Marmalade Day' and the 3 of them get excited! One night is when disaster strikes! An Earthquake strikes and they need to rush to the shelter. But sadly Paddington's Uncle doesn't quite make it. But this is when the film begins properly as we begin our adventure to London!

With Paddington on his way to London hidden away in a lifeboat on board a ship his Aunty goes to the retirement home for Bears. We finally reach London and we see Paddington Bear at well 'Paddington Station'. This is where we meet Paddington's new family, 'The Browns'. The Browns walk past him at first but Mrs Brown can't resist. They decide to take care of him. So how did the name 'Paddington' come around? Well The Browns can't think of a name so they look at the Train Station sign behind him. Yes it says 'Paddington'. I think it suits him really well!

Paddington at Paddington Station
Paddington at Paddington Station

As The Browns and Paddington get home things go slightly wrong. Paddington seems to use the house facilities slightly wrong and floods the whole house. Mr Brown can't live with Paddington any more and wants to find Paddington's adventurer from the past. But when they can't find him Mr and Mrs Brown have an argument and Paddington over hears it all. Paddington writes a letter to the Browns saying he is leaving.

Once the evil Millicent knows about this she needs help to capture him. She requires help from The Brown's next door neighbour 'Mr Curry'. As they plan to capture him it all goes to plan. As Paddington has left The Brown's to look for his adventurer she reaches the last house which has to be him! Once he knocks the door and finds out that his adventurer has died he asks his adventurers sister. She is happy to help. But once us viewers see her we know it is Millicent.

Mr Curry played by Peter Capaldi
Mr Curry played by Peter Capaldi

Millicent takes Paddington to the National Gallery where she says it is going to be Paddington's new home. But when we finally find out that she wants to stuff him and display him, things get serious. Once Paddington is put to sleep Millicent wants to start her plan. Once The Brown's spot Paddington, Mr Brown climbs out of the window and climbs round the museum to save Paddington. Now Millicent has put the building in lock down and there is no way of rescuing Paddington. But the clever bear sees the tower he gets out two mini Hoovers and climbs up the tower. Paddington is spotted by the Browns heading for the roof, they sprint to the roof to meet him. There is danger for Paddington now, the tower fire has been turnt on. If he falls then he will burn! Danger strikes when one hoover runs out of batteries and he is now left with one hoover! But as he reaches the top the other hoover runs out of batteries!!! This is where we see Paddington beginning to fall! Everyone had gasped with shock in the


. The epic Slow Motion shot comes to an end, we see four hands grab Paddington's feet. The two Brown Children had saved the day.

This is where we see a shocking scene with Millicent holding up a gun at the family asking them to hand over Paddington. (This is probably why it is age rated a PG). Everyone says no to handing over Paddington but, Paddington hands himself over. But of course Paddington has a plan up his sleeve. He notices a pigeon that keeps bothering him for his emergency sandwich. He throws his emergency sandwich at Millicent and the pigeons rush towards her. We all hope she falls off the building but......she doesn't. This is when the Browns cleaner comes in handy. She comes flying out of the roof under door (by the way she is drunk) and flings off Millicent.

The films draws to a close when we see the family all happy and living well. The film comes to a close in the Seasonal Christmas Time. The family have given Paddington their attic to live in and Paddington has decorated for Christmas. Everyone has a playful snowball fight and live happily ever after.

The shots in this film are amazing. The slow motion part was really gripping as we didn't know what was going to happen to Paddington when he started falling.

The acting was outstanding. Things got serious when shouting began. All the actors stayed in character during it. With the bear obviously not being there, they all worked really hard to pretend he is there. Well done to you all!

In my opinion this very famous bear becoming a film character is an epic idea. I really do hope to see a second film in the years to come!

5 out of 5 stars from me!!


So, do you like Paddington Bear?


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