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For all of you people who spent yesterday under a rock, here is the trailer that caused millions of nerds to scream in joy.

Now that you have seen it, take a minute to process it and then continue reading. We saw many notable things in this teaser. New characters, storm-troopers, rebels, X-wings and the Millennium Falcon in all it's glory. But one thing I was specifically attracted to was the new Sith and his new lightsaber. After scouring the internet I found a few interesting theories and facts about the new weapon.

First of all, the weird things on the side there? Well those are hand guards, or so I've heard. Another interesting thing to mention is that because of some leaked concept art, by the way Possible Spoilers, we know the new Sith has a robot hand.


While this is nothing new to the series (both Anakin and Luke had robot hands), it tells us that this Sith has received some type of injury that caused him to lose a hand. So the handguards must be there to protect his hands, because it has happened to him before. Of course it is possible they are not handguards and are there for another reason, but this seems to make sense to me. So what do you think? If you have any interesting speculation to tell, just write it in the comments and I will be happy to read it.


What was your favorite part of the teaser?


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