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With the ongoing battle between DC and Marvel over who has the most popular media franchise, most attention has been paid to live-action movies and TV shows. Yet for as much as magazine articles and blog posts have been covering this clash, one particular question hasn't been asked: Will DC produce any new superhero cartoon series for television broadcast before the arrival of the Batman vs. Superman movie?

Marvel appreciates how superhero cartoons can introduce younger audiences to its expansive universe. It has been using its cartoon lineup on Disney XD--Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.--to expose kids to characters and story arcs before they appear on the big screen. For example, The Falcon appeared on Avengers Assemble before the same character appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the Guardians of the Galaxy appeared on each of these cartoons before they made their box office debut last August. I don't know how much these cartoons helped to whet the appetites of young fans and in turn boost Marvel's theatrical revenue, but they can't be discounted either. It should also be noted that the Marvel characters that are currently included in the Disney Infinity 2.0 video game tie in to both the movies and the cartoons, so clearly someone at Marvel and Disney sees the value of including cartoons as part of a multi-platform superhero franchise.

In contrast, the "DC Nation" programming block on the Cartoon Network disappeared after less than three seasons, even though Warner Bros. owns both DC and Cartoon Network. DC Nation started with a CG animated Green Lantern series and Young Justice, but they were both cancelled after two seasons. Even Beware the Batman was pulled from Cartoon Network's primetime schedule before it finished its first season of episodes, leaving Teen Titans Go! as the only high-profile DC superhero cartoon on that channel. As far as I know, DC has no plans to produce a new superhero cartoon series to complement their slate of upcoming live-action movies and TV shows.


Do you think that DC should be making a superhero cartoon series to bring younger fans in and boost the popularity of its other media projects?


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