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With the Big Bang Theory set to go up to season 10. I was thinking, "what needs to happen before the show ends?" So this is what I think needs to happen before The Big Bang Theory ends.

1.) Stuart needs to find a girl friend

well i think you know who this is
well i think you know who this is

Stuart is one of those characters that is really funny as a loner. But part of me(and maybe you) is routing for the guy to finally get a girl and be happy. I wouldn't do this till maybe half way through the final season. But it needs to happen at sometime.

2.) Sheldon and Amy need to "do" it

Do I really need to say who these people are?
Do I really need to say who these people are?

We all know Sheldon has a touch phobia and is not really a fan of sex, while amy on the other hand is in a way begging for it. This can happen pretty much whenever. But knowing the writers and how good they are, this could be one of the funniest moments in the shows history.

3.) Penny and Lenard need to have a baby

This could be a very good twist at the end of the second to last season. Just have the last scene of the season finally with Penny in shock or crying and Lenard come in and Penny could drop a bombshell and just have it cut to black. Tell me that wouldn't leave you in some sort of shock! That would definitely make me want to watch the next season. It could even work if maybe it was Howard and Berni

4.) Raj and Emily dont break up

Lets face it... Raj is lady repellent. How many time has he been shot down? He had a good thing with Lucy but then it went south. Raj and Emily need to stay together! I am a bit behind on my TBBT gossip so I don't know how long she is signed on for. But this needs to happen. Who knows they could get engaged during the series finally. But if it does go south, he could meet a former Miss India (aka his wife in real life.) Because 4th wall.

5.) Howard's mom dies

I know that Carol Ann Susi Has passed, and it is really sad. She Nailed Howard's mom. But maybe they could pull a south park, 2 and 1/2 men, and a bunch of other sit-coms/TV shows and kill of the character. They cant replace her, that is impossible. Maybe they could do something and recreate a scene or two with using technology. (I don't know how they do it) and then have her be killed in some sort of accident or have her die with some sort of irony.

Well these are some of the things that I think The Big Bang Theory need to do before the show ends. Thanks for reading my first little article (if thats whats its called IDK)


What do you think should happen before The Big Bang Theory ends?


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