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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens-


So, I'm completely sure by now that most of you have seen or heard of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer. If you haven't, well make like the Death Star and blow up because YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON EPICNESS!!! Thankfully here at MoviePilot, we can provide you with the trailer. If you haven't seen it, or wish to watch it for the 1,000th time, here.

Now that you've seen it, aren't you excited? I certainly am and I have been tossing around ideas of what we will see on December 18th, 2015. So many thoughts pop in and out of my mind, I just might burst of exciting anxiety! A few months ago, I had written an article concerning a possible plot for Episode VII. You can read it here if you haven't done so. Basically, I theorize that Luke Skywalker has become an old Jedi recluse, similar to Obi-Wan and Yoda, because he failed to rebuild the Jedi Order after the events of Return of the Jedi. More specifically, I said that a child of Han and Leia turns to the dark side causing Luke to feel/be a failure.

There are many rumors floating around that would support this to some extent. However, a lot has happened since I wrote the article. For example, we were given a title to Episode VII and a teaser trailer. Taking those into consideration, I have come up with a new Episode VII Plot Synopsis based on the information that has been collected thus far. So without further a due, this is where the fun begins! CAUTION POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! I WARNED YOU!!!!



Opening Text Crawl:

Obviously the movie begins with the famous text crawl in space reading, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. I have even thought of a little excerpt of what the crawl might read.

A fire has spread across the galaxy. The Galactic Alliance fights to maintain the peace amongst the stars. A dangerous new foe has emerged from the shadows thought to have been destroyed years ago. The Empire has returned.

The Alliance finds itself struggling to combat this dangerous evil. Forged from the remnants of its predecessor, this new Empire ravages through the trackless void of space seeking to conquer and destroy everything in its path. Leading the Empire are disciples of the ancient Sith Order.

The disappearance of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has caused the mysterious power known as The Force, to lay dormant for nearly three decades. However, with the recent rise of the dark side, The Force has awakened and it beckons to those who would fight this deadly evil....

Opening Scenes

After the text crawl, the movie opens up with a view of Luke Skywalker's Episode V lightsaber floating through space towards a planet similar to Tatooine. The scene then cuts to the inside of a room with some screens and monitors flashing red while blaring alert tones. Max Von Sydow's character floats to the screens and summons "Kira" (Daisy Ridley's character). Kira heads out to the desert and watches the lightsaber as it falls to the ground. She travels to the saber's location on her speeder.

Kira finds the lightsaber and is astonished by it. When she first discovers it, she stares at it, as if in a trance. She feels drawn to it. Kira takes the lightsaber back to the junk yard and shows it to Max Von Sydow's character. Amazed by it as well, Sydow's character then proceeds to tell Kira ancient tales of the Jedi during the Clone Wars and of their extermination during the rise of the old Empire. He urges her to closely guard the mystical weapon referring to it as a magical treasure. Kira returns to her home and falls asleep. During the night, Kira is given a "force vision" in the from of a nightmare. She wakes up startled reaching her hand toward the lightsaber as it flies from a table into her grasp. Upon wielding the lightsaber, its bright blue blade flashes to life.

The New Sith Villain

After this scene, the movie cuts to show the new Sith villain meditating in his private chambers.

Ya know, this guy?
Ya know, this guy?

The shot is close up of the villain's closed eyes. We hear a muffled version of the same vision Kira had. We also hear at the end of the vision, the ignition of a lightsaber and this is when the villain's eyes open wide revealing the classic evil reddish/orange pupil colors. After this, a hologram of Max Von Sydow's character appears telling the villain that "it's here". The villain responds by telling Sydow's character he is on his way. The villain summons a new chrome storm trooper and orders him to prepare a shuttle.

The Destruction of Kira's Village

The villain and his new stormtroopers travel to the same desert planet Kira lives on.

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

Upon arriving, the villain and his troops storm Kira's village killing civilians and burning homes. Kira, frightened, wakes up, grabs the lightsaber, and heads outside to see the ensuing chaos. Scared, she flees the village. To her unknowing, a stormtrooper (John Boyega's character) follows her. Kira realizes she has a follower and a small battle occurs. Boyega and Kira's speeders are destroyed as Boyega is thrown off of his landing unconscious in the sand. Kira flees the seen wandering the desert. Boyega wakes up the next morning dazed and confused as to where he's at.

As pictured here.
As pictured here.

Boyega finally comes to and finds Kira's tracks. He follows them to Kira's secret hideout, hidden deep within the desert. Seeing Boyega approaching here hideout, Kira notices him staggering about. Fearing for his health, Kira rushes to his aid to find Boyega severely dehydrated and near death. Kira aids Boyega and nurses him back to health. When Boyega has recovered, he remembers everything and explains to Kira his wishes of abandoning the Empire. Trusting him, Kira shows him the lightsaber she has discovered.

Shortly after, Imperials approach Kira's compound. Kira and Boyega decide to fight the small squads of stormtroopers. Their battle is interrupted when the Millennium Falcon swoops in from above firing at the troopers. Two Tie-Fighters follow in pursuit of the Falcon.

The Falcon and the Tie's have a short dogfight as Kira and Boyega eliminate the stormtroopers. The Falcon returns to their location and lands close to them. Han and Chewie emerge from the Falcon greeting Kira and Boyega. Han rushes to Kira and embraces her asking if she's alright. Here we learn Kira is Han and Leia's daughter. Kira shows Han and Chewie the lightsaber. With a concerned look, Han tells Kira they have a lot to talk about.

End of Act 1

After picking up Kira and her new friend, Han proceeds to tell Kira the story of Luke. He also informs her that the lightsaber belongs to Luke, but Skywalker has been missing for the last thirty years. Boyega then proceeds to tell Han and Kira that the Empire has been searching for Luke for a long time. Disturbed by this news, Han decides to return to the Rebel Base on Yavin IV. It is at the Rebel Base we meet Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac's characters along with Princess Leia. Han informs everyone else that the Empire is scouring the galaxy looking for Luke. Fearing for her brother, Leia insists that they also search for Luke and find him before the Empire does.

What Do You Think?

What do you guys think about my plot? Do you think that it is plausible for the beginning of Episode VII? Again, this is just a theory of what's happening based on the teaser, concept art leaks, and rumors floating around the internet. Let me know what you think of my idea in the comments below! Have a great day and may the Force be with you!


Would you like Episode VII to start off like this? If not, explain what you'd like to see at the beginning of the movie below!


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