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So sometime yesterday Robert Downey Jr. posted a picture of himself with Tom Hiddleston he found on Google after searching himself up.

Somebody must like the idea of him and Tom hooking up or Loki getting his final wish. After ruling earth, he punishes Tony Stark by having his Gay Fantasy's coming true.

I saw this one on face book after i was checking out some sexy cosplay Yes i find woman very attractive when they dress up in costumes and change their hair color lol.

I find this picture to be creepy lol

And this is not the first time this sort of thing has happen i have seen more pictures like this before that people post on Facebook.

Why they post them i don't know but it gets much,much worst.

Tony making out with frost giant loki what !

Before Tony Stark gets blown away from his own rocket in Iron Man 2008 Captain America sends him a picture of himself in the tub before he can react the rocket goes off boom !

After the avengers Tony & Cap celebrate why !

And someone must like Chris Evans & Robert Downy Jr. falling in love okay i think this will creep me out forever !

What do you think do you find these creepy i know i do !


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