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My favorite villain is not my favorite type of villain.

The villain who stays with me, even through the many interpretations outside of the comics by several actors, and who without a doubt is my favorite: Joker.

He is chaos personified. Save for the The Dark Knight film, he is insane and yet seems to know it. Which leads to an interesting question. If he knows he is crazy, then is he truly crazy, or rather a complete entity of evil? However, this is not a question to answer at this time. This is about the best type of villains.

To me, the best villains are the ones who seem to be driven by "legitimate" reasons. Their rationale for the terrible things they do can be understood by most anyone. Sometimes it is even to the point where we as an audience, or reader, may find ourselves cringing at the fact that we may, regretfully, understand the logic. That perhaps we could be swayed by the arguments into accepting the horrible things he or she has done. That is also the brilliance to some of these characters. They are truly multidimensional and they, or most, contain the skills in leadership and communication that leads others to accept those means that are being justified.

Among them is also the villain where it appears they have no true control. Circumstance, weakness, or even necessity coupled with an already delinquent personality can envelope someone where there is no escape from evil.

Let me be clear, I'm not referring to the anti-hero. An anti-hero is a central character that does less than heroic things. He would just as soon kill you as look at you if it was in his best interests, or an easy solution.

Over the next few weeks I will be doing a four part series where we will examine three specific Villains, and one grouped category.

These will be

Villainous Rationale:

The Addiction Of Gollum

The Abuse Of John Doe

The Genocide Of Magneto

The Nature Of The Beast

I hope you will join me in the examination of these characters and find it interesting.

I will not normally do polls on here, but, today I would like to ask:

Who is your favorite villain, and more importantly, why?


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