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Each day we get closer and closer to seeing The Dark Knight clash with the Man of Steel on the big screen. With all the rumors of Adam Driver playing Nightwing, and of Jena Malone playing Carrie Kelley, it's getting more and more likely that we'll see Bat's sidekick joining the show. But which Robin should it be? Here's my list of the top five Robins to give you an idea.

5. Jason Todd

I put him at the bottom not because he's a bad character. I actually think that he's one of the greater comic book characters out there. But the thing is, Jason Todd as Robin doesn't compare to Jason Todd as Red Hood. And even then, he stood out to me among other Robins. Batman first saw him when he was stealing the Batmobile's wheels! And the way he struggled with dishing out the pain he thought criminals deserved made for a very different kind of Robin. But let's face it! He got angry a lot, and he was always a loose cannon when it came to fighting crime. He wasn't a great Robin, but he was a fantastic Red Hood.

4. Carrie Kelley

The thing that I love most about Carrie is how she proved herself to Batman. She didn't go straight to Batman with no training just to get herself killed in the end (no offense to Stephanie Brown). If anyone's read TDKR, then they know that she practiced quite a lot in acrobatic combat to become Robin.

I also like how she wasn't completely bent to Bruce's will. She listened and followed his orders, but when she saw that he was in great danger she disregarded the orders and did whatever she could to save him. That clearly did count for something.

3. Dick Grayson

Now hold on! Don't go crazy because I put him as the 3rd best Robin. Because, and let's be honest here, he was a great Robin and all, but we all loved him as Nightwing. But one of the many things that made him great was his connection to Bruce. They're both orphans, and they both lost their families to crime. This gave them both a sense of purpose in creating a symbol to fight back against the evil in the world.

Also, it's Dick becoming Nightwing that makes him such a great Robin. He loved Bruce like a father, as Bruce loved him as a son, but he didn't want to be stuck under Batman's shadow. He wanted to become his own man, his own symbol. So, he left Batman, came to Bludhaven, and took up the escrima sticks. That attribute is something that all the kids who read his comics admired in him, and it made him a great character to look up to.

2. Tim Drake

Honestly, Drake's not as appreciated as he should be. I love him because he brought the genius side to the Boy Wonder. He used investigative abilities, and he found out the identity of Batman and Nightwing, and convinced them that Batman needed a Robin. If that's not proof that he made a great robin, I don't know what is. And in the 20 years (yeah, 20 YEARS!!) that he fought alongside Bruce Wayne, he always used his brains before he went into a fight. He wasn't an acrobat like most Robins are meant to be, and he didn't start out as a master combatant. He was a detective first. He truly was a boy wonder.

And now...

The Best Robin is........


Yep, that's right! The son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul, trained by the League since he was a toddler. Once he became Robin, he introduced a really interesting side on the relationship between Batman and Robin. They weren't just partners anymore, they truly were family. And it gave Bruce a new sense of responsibility to right the wrongs that Talia had done to him. Also we learned that even though Batman's the World's Greatest Detective, he's not necessarily the world's greatest dad.

Plus, if people called Jason Todd a loose cannon, then Damian was an atomic bomb! He had to struggle with the killer instinct that he was practically born with, and tried to become the man that his father was. That showed the reader a full hero's journey unlike any of the other Robins, giving a fun and intriguing twist to the Bat-Family. Damian Wayne is my #1!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th, 2016!


Who do you think is the best Robin?


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