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Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out on DVD pretty soon, but that hasn't stopped me, and hopefully many others, from getting it on iTunes early.

And just in time for the release, these never-before-seen (by me) behind-the-scenes pics show off some of the best of what happened when the cameras weren't rolling, including characters and moments we didn't get to see.

#1 and #2 - Sorry you didn't make the cut. We wish you did...

Trying to figure out which scene these alien ladies were in the film. My best guess is that they were hanging out somewhere in that bar we saw in Nowhere.

#3 - Love what you did with your eyebrows

Maybe I'm the only one who cares, but we definitely didn't get closure on this guy. As you can see in the background, he almost had a brief appearance during the battle of Xandar. I'm guessing Editing thought it would be weird that he just HAPPENS to be present right where the Dark Aster crashed.

#4 - I need THAT guy's EYE

In case Rocket got ahold of it.

#5 - Sorry to interrupt your pelvic sorcery...

Look closely and you can see Chris Pratt hanging in the background (wearing his streets).

#6 - "Please turn the tape over to b-side"

Waiting for the high-res version of this that I can make my wallpaper.


What has been seen cannot be unseen.

#8 - You had THAT in your pocket the whole time?!

Wish we had more info on why this Infinity Stone was just sitting around on Morag ready to be picked up by virtually anyone.

#9 - At least we know he landed safely

One thing I love about this shot is how you can see that not EVERYTHING is a green screen. They at least had some set production. One thing that's weird, though, is the lack of Ronan in this scene. In the movie, we see that Star-Lord is leaping for the stone after Ronan gets shot by Drax.

#10 - Infinitely cool Gems

Is it just me, or does the guy on the top left look like Doctor Doom? And is that Scorpion Iron Man on the bottom right? Of course, this is just showing the ancient beings vying for the infinity stones.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray December 9th. But if you can't wait (because you're normal), check it out on iTunes to get your digital copy.


Loving the behind-the-scenes photos from Guardians?

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