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Norman Reedus, known for his personal touch when it comes to interacting with fans of The Walking Dead plans to answer fan questions prior to the November 30, 2014 Mid-Season Finale. He posted the following tweet on November 29.

Long-time fans know how quickly Reedus' twitter feed can move, but I'm certain many will attempt to submit a question in hopes that it will be answered. I know I will. Reedus will, of course, do his best to answer as many questions as he can.

Reedus also says he'll be live-tweeting the show, something he's done from time to time in the past. Knowing how emotionally charged this episode is going to be, I'm sure his commentary on the events as they unfold will be nearly as riveting as the show itself.

Reedus has demonstrated, time and time again, his appreciation for the fans of the show. He recently published a book containing fan-submitted artwork. Called thanksforalltheniceness, the book's proceeds are being donated to charity. Reedus posted a photo of the piles of the book he had delivered to his home so he could sign them and send them to the contributors.

Don't forget, The Walking Dead mid-season finale will air on AMC Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 9 pm.


Will you try to ask Norman a question before the Mid-season Finale?


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