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Rowan Odom

In this age of hugely budgeted movies with mind-blowing special effects you can't help but feel that watching an older film feels a little un-superior. So I have never seen Star Wars and people were telling for years to watch it and people were telling me to watch it because it was a classic and it was so great and my friends all liked Star Wars while I loved Lord Of The Rings/ The Hobbit so I decided its time for me to watch it and what did I think? Meh.

Now it wasn't the special effects that threw me off, but the fact that I grew up in a time way after Star Wars came out and since Star Wars is a huge part of pop culture, I basically knew the entire movie before I even watched it. I'm sure that watching The Empire Strikes Back when it first came out and seeing the scene where they revealed that Darth Vader was Luke's father would have been just a mind-blowing moment but now, that moment is parodied and mentioned so much in movies, tv shows, and even just people talking that the movie doesn't take you by surprise. However, with Lord Of The Rings, I was taken by surprise in Return Of The King when Frodo wouldn't throw the ring into the fire and instead put it on.

Also, I happen to be a Family Guy fan so when they did the Star Wars parodies I watched them and knew everything coming, I haven't even seen Empire Strikes Back or Return Of The Jedi, the only movies I saw was the first one bu yet I know everything that happens in episodes 5 & 6 because of pop culture and people just talking about the films, I will watch 5 & 6 but the experience will not be as special as watching the movies when they first came out.

Back to special effects, I thought they were good, they don't hold up today like Jurassic Park did but I love practical effects when done right so I enjoyed the special effects. However, I have met people who are younger and grew up with big CGI expensive movies and they won't watch older movies because of the special effects, which I don't think matters, what matters is if the film you are watching is good.

Do you think watching Star Wars for the first time now is different than watching them when they first came out?


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