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I was watching the Hunger Games the other day on T.V and somehow got to wondering? There's quite a few moments in here where Katniss could've been killed. I mean it sometimes seems that if the bad guys just use common sense then our heroes would meet there end really quickly. They usually end up stalling themselves however by doing something like a monologue to give the protagonist a chance to find away out of the situation.

While scenes like this may sometimes be necessary for movies (because it'd be really boring if everything happened logically) It's just something interesting(or grim) to think about. So in light of [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](movie:446261) just being released last week (an excellent movie BTW) I'm doing a few moments in the original Hunger Games (2012) where this probably could've happened. Enjoy! (and remember, these are only scenes where the person thinking did something that didn't make sense to stall the situation. Not when the protagonists could have actually used their skills to survive)

1. Clove could have easily killed Katniss..........

When Katniss goes to get the other set of supplies, she runs into Clove, a member of the Careers group, narrowly dodging several knives thrown at her and defending against her in close quarters for a few minutes. Ultimately, Katniss is overpowered and finds Clove's knife at her neck. Katniss is ultimately saved by Thresh and left alive due to her friendship with Rue. However, one has to wonder, What would've happened if Clove had just slit her neck right there as soon as she got the chance. Instead she took her time to taunt Katniss (and paid dearly for it...)

2.The Careers could've just climbed the tree.....

Thanks HISHE!
Thanks HISHE!

In the scene after Katniss is injured by fire and then encounters the Career tributes, she flees and decides to hide up in a tree so they couldn't reach her. Cato tries to, but ultimately fails in reaching her. They then, under some advice from Peeta, agree to just wait her out knowing she would have to come down eventually or starve to death. They agree, however, Katniss is able to use a nearby nest of Tracker Jackers in order to push back her pursuers. While this was clever of Katniss, it would've made sense if the Careers had disregarded Peeta and just asked one of their more able members to take care of the situation. Had they done that, they probably could've killed Katniss right there on the spot. As a matter of fact, I'm still confused as to why they hadn't killed Peeta up until that point, and furthermore decided to trust in his advice. I mean they kept him around in anticipation of Katniss arriving looking for him right? So after she's found why keep him around? They could kill 2 birds with one stone. (or a knife or sword or other assorted weapons......)

3. Cato could have killed both Peeta and Katniss in just one push........

At the end of the first film when Katniss and Peeta are escaping the wild beasts, they escape on top of the structure in the middle of the arena. Upon successfully escaping the beasts, Cato makes his presence known by throwing both Katniss and Peeta on to the floor, however he throws them backwards. If he had simply shoved the two main characters off of the ledge that they were on, they would've been devoured by the wild animals and Cato would've won the 74th Hunger Games. Now of course the way it happened in the movie was a lot cooler than having them just shoved to their death but imagine that happening? Cato wouldn't have made much of a Mockingjay, huh?

4.The end of the Hunger Games........

During the last few moments of the Games, when Peeta and Katniss are the last ones left on the arena floor and the rules are forced to only have one victor, the capitol chooses to revoke their one victor rule and allows both of the characters to survive. Now while the Capitol did this probably thinking it would calm the people down, what they didn't realize is that this would give the people something to rally behind. Imagine if both victors had died that day. What if the Capitol decided to let the both of them commit suicide. Then there would be no Mockingjay for the rebellion to rally behind. Not to say that it would never happen at some-point later. A leader would eventually rise and lead the people, but that would probably take awhile as it took about 75 years to jump start the second rebellion and it was Katniss' defiance that really pushed the people to fight back. It would've probably saved them a lot more time to just have been done with her in the first place.

So what do you think? Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments section!


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