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Today marks ONE YEAR since the world lost actor Paul Walker & his good friend Roger Rodas. As a tribute, my good friend Ashley G. has put together a facebook page in an effort to get Don Omar (feat. Lucenzo)'s "Danza Kuduro" to #1 this Christmas in the UK & US. You can help by not only LIKING the page & requesting the song, but helping spread the word. More details about WHEN to start requests are available at

You may have heard the song, which was featured on the FAST FIVE soundtrack. Mission: Kuduro begins here, but needs YOUR help to become a reality. Every LIKE, tweet, RT, share & comment really makes a difference. We're working hard to get the word out to magazines, websites, radio stations & more. So if you have any contacts, work for any media organization or can simply call & request the song, we sure would appreciate it!

For Paul. For Family. Forever Fast. - RonJammin


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