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'StarGirl' is a short sci-fi film that UK filmmakers Pixie Films are producing. I'm running a crowdfunding campaign for it on Indiegogo to raise the money needed to make it happen and it's a real rollercoaster ride. There's just over two weeks left and it's inching towards the target.

My last film was feature length and told the story of a soldier returning from war with PTSD ('Shell Shock', 2009). It was shot in Tokyo and London and was screened internationally which lead to a US distribution deal. I was pleased with how it turned but I wanted to try something different for my next project.

This lead to making 'StarGirl'. It tells the story of an aging farmer whose life is changed forever when a female alien crash lands on his farm.

The short film format works perfectly for some sci-fi stories which might not stretch over 90 mins and the writer James Price (who's also the director) has produced a script that is the perfect 15 mins story.

Sci-fi has some long standing traditions which the film will honour but it's also going to tell other stories like the best films do.

I'm writing a full account of the ups, downs and the plain weird in crowdfunding a short film at the moment on Moviepilot but whilst I do please check out this link for the lowdown on this brilliant project.

If you can help please do, there's even the chance to be a producer with an IMDB credit.

More soon.


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