ByGorgana Gaboom, writer at

Steven Moffat has decided to step down as show runner of the hit BBC Television series, Doctor Who.

The decision comes following complaints from a group of YouTuber's known as "The Real Whovians" on a podcast titled The Real Whovians Cast, who have complained that Series 8 was "too dark" and that the inclusion of Santa Claus at the end of the series was "ridiculous".

Moffat, who completely respects these people, has decided to quit his job and hand over the show runner role to Joseph J Capriccioso, a poet from New York and host of The Real Whovians Cast.

Joseph J Capriccioso.
Joseph J Capriccioso.

The new showrunner, Capriccioso, is allegedly in talks with BBC executives to write one story for Series 9, which will be Moffat's last, titled "Defamation of The Doctor".

The Capriccioso era will begin in 2016.


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