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Ah, fan theories. Nothing's more fun than taking a certain book or film and making wild, super out there accusations about it! The Hunger Games is just another example of how crazy fan theories can be. But even though these are theories, a lot of them are almost believable. Like, for instance...

Foxface's death was a suicide

You remember Foxface right? The odd girl from District 5 who appeared in the first film. She was a quiet one, not speaking to anyone and always training on her own. But she had a very different tactic from the others. Instead of training with weapons, she preferred to use stealth, using the environment to her advantage. At the start of the film, before the games, we see her fiddling with a computer screen with a bunch of different plant symbols on it.

Damn it, she beat my high-score!
Damn it, she beat my high-score!

She's obviously gaining some knowledge on the various plants that can be found in the arena. Which makes it even stranger when she dies from the consummation of poisonous berries.

Foxface is described as being highly intelligent and resourceful, so why would she make a mistake like eating some poisonous berries? Surely those berries were on the survivalist test she was taking. Well, the theory is that she did know of the berries' poison, but ate them anyway because she wanted to die. But if she did want to commit suicide, why not just go for the berries as soon as the games started? Well, like I said, Foxface was clever. She knew if she did it that way it would look like an act of rebellion against the Capitol, and her family and District would pay the price. So, clever as she was, she made it look like it was a foolish mistake.

If the theory is true, that's pretty dang sad. The world of Hunger Games was already depressing enough! Darn it Suzanne Collins! Why must you pull on my heartstrings so?!

Mr. Everdeen was a rebel

Mr. Everdeen is the father of Katniss and Primrose Everdeen. Before the events of the 74th Hunger Games (the games in the first book), he died in a horrible mining explosion along with Mr. Hawthorne (Gale's father) and tons of other miners. But the theory is that that the mining "accident" wasn't an accident at all. That Mr. Everdeen was, in fact, a part of District 13's rebel army! See, D13's rebellious attack plan against the Capitol could not have just started after Katniss won her first Hunger Games. No no, they had to have started waaay earlier. Maybe even before the Capitol destroyed District 13? District 13 had been planning to rebel against the Capitol for a while, possibly even sparking the first war between the Districts and the Capitol. That's why the Capitol destroys D13 and not any of the others, not because of some random choice.

Makes sense that they would have some rebel spies in other Districts right? Mr. Everdeen was obviously a great candidate for a District 12 rebel spy. With his abilities to hunt, kill, mine and sing pretty well (he taught Katniss how to sing "The Hanging Tree"). The "accident" down at the mine could have been the Capitol getting rid of a rebel spy. As for the other miners, well, do you really think the Capitol cares about civilian casualties?

Katniss was literally born to be the Mockingjay

Reading much more into the previous theory, what if Mr. Everdeen's influence in the rebel's plans was much larger than we thought? Another theory is that the rebels were planning to have a Mockingjay since before Katniss was born. How? Who could possibly be the Mockingjay other than Katniss?! No one, that's who! But, they did hear the news that Mr. and Mrs. Everdeen were expecting a child and informed them that their child was going to play a HUGE role in years to come. So naturally she needed to be trained. So Mr. Everdeen trained her to hunt (and sing) everyday until he died. This may also be why Mrs. Everdeen is so shaken up all the time. The mixed stress of her husband dying from a Capitol sabotage and the knowledge of her first born child being the center of a rebellious military strategy could not have been easy on her.

Rue was a rebel spy?!

Another rebel spy theory, sorry last one I promise! But what if Rue, the cute little girl who befriended Katniss and made us all sob rivers when she died in the Hunger Games WAS A REBEL SPY?!

WHY?!! *sobs...but ya know..manly tears...*
WHY?!! *sobs...but ya know..manly tears...*

The theory's a weird one yes, but just think about it. In an arena where literally everyone else there could be trying to kill you, the last thing you want to do is interact with one of them right? Instinct would be to lodge an axe in their brain before they do it to you! But Rue completely disregards instinct and interacts with possibly the most deadliest person in there! Not only that, but she helps Katniss take down some other tributes!

In a pretty cold-blooded way I might add!
In a pretty cold-blooded way I might add!

So why trust Katniss? Why befriend her and not anyone else? Hell her and Foxface have a lot in common stealth-wise, so why not her? Maybe it's because she was meant to befriend Katniss since before the games began! Rue could very well be a rebel spy whose job was to guide Katniss through the games. Maybe she knew about the plans for Katniss to become the Mockingjay and was tasked with allying herself with her and helping her throughout the games.

There's a lot of evidence to support this claim too. For one thing, Rue agrees to trust Katniss when she sees her Mockingjay pin, the symbol for the rebellion. Seeing this made her trust Katniss and further believe that she is the answer to the rebellion's needs. She's also very well trained for her age. Sure, she could have just been training for the Hunger Games in the event she got picked, but who was training her? We've seen that the people in District 11 are very frightened people, with not one of them willing to take the place of a small 12-year-old girl. So there's no way she got her training from any of them.

She had to have been trained by District 13, so she would be ready to enter the Hunger Games. But the one thing that truly makes me almost believe this insane theory? Rue's final words to Katniss.

"You have to win." Now maybe she's just telling Katniss this out of love for her, wanting her to make it through all of this. But maybe it meant even more than that. Maybe she realized that when that she's gone, Katniss would be on her own in that arena (until she finds Rock-Peeta). She knew that in order for the rebel's plan to work, Katniss would NEED to win and survive the games! It's a very outrageous theory, but I like it. I love the idea of Rue meaning so much more to Katniss and the outcome of Panem.

The Hunger Games takes place in an alternate reality!

Specifically, in a reality where Britain won the Revolutionary War. The theory goes that after winning the war, Britain killed the signers of the Declaration of Independence and destroyed one of the thirteen colonies to strike fear into the hearts of the others. After going through such a large and damaging war, Britain separated the remaining twelve colonies and assigned them all different task and specialties (like agriculture for District 11). Meanwhile, they set up a base, a center of command, and elected a governor, similar to the ones they had set up in Massachusetts and others before the war. The new "governor' was President Snow! The books also state that the districts are in a place that used to be called Appalachia, this is where the colonies were. The reason Panem looks so different (geographically) from the colonies is a product of the war and time itself. Pretty crazy huh?!

So there you have it, some pretty strange but pretty awesome fan theories for the Hunger Games! Which one did you like best?


Which HG theory was your favorite?


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