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I know, I know, old news, old subject, but I've been waiting and watching so many reviews and news and good as bad things about Chaning Tatum playing the role of the Cajun X-man, that I really needed to say what's going on inside my mind:

To start we all know after the credits of "[X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942)", we se Apocalypse and 4 figures. That's what we saw and right away we all thought about the 4 Horsemen.

So hear me out, now that it is more sure than before, that Tatum will play Gambit (In a solo movie and in X-Men: Apocalypse), why not entering him as one of Apocalypse's Hourseman? (He end up being Death back in "X-men #184" from 2006, and hell, he is a really badass Death.

Yes, it was for a good reason, but he really kicked hard the part of being a horseman. He didn't care that he almost kill Rogue. And what a good way to start.

There's no reason why not to introduce him as a bad guy, althought no one know's if it will go that way, I really hope Bryan Singer will come out with a great way to put Tatum in black leather, red eyes and gray/white hair.

Forget about this leather ladies please:

Don't know if theres leather but you get the point
Don't know if theres leather but you get the point

In a personal note, I think Chaning Tatum will be a great Gambit, no matter if he play's the villain or the hero coming to rescue Rogue, (Wich I wouldl love to watch), 'cause let's admit that bobby/anna relationship is bored and ... "PLEASE LORD STOP IT". He loves the character, he has blood that comes from New Orleans and he can do whatever he's told (If you don't think so, look the pic above).

Well, this is my first post, (yeah i know it sucks but its something) It is now all work of Bryan Singer and Mr. C.T. to bring the best Cajun to the MCU.

Not like.. well... you know.

I mean, not even the red eyes. THE RED EYES!!!
I mean, not even the red eyes. THE RED EYES!!!

In time I will talk about his solo movie, like "Would it be a Assasins guild and thiefes guild showdown" ... Well, all hell will break lose if that goes on. But not for now.


So what do you think, Will Gambit be a villain the next time we see him in an X-men Movie, or will he come as a hero?


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