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Hi all this is my first post as contributor! I love fan-casting so that is probably going to be the majority of my posts! I like She-Hulk and think she has a strong possibility of showing up in Captain America: Civil War the question is who should play her? Here are my top three choices!

#1 Rachel Weisz

A good actress and someone who looks like they could be related to Mark Ruffalo.

#2 Angie Harmon

A fan favorite and someone well versed in debates and rights (Law and Order) I think she would be awesome.

#3 Paula Patton

An actress well versed in action (Mission Impossible) I think she has the ability to throw down and stand her own against Mark Ruffalo or any of the other heroes.

Thanks for reading! Who would you cast as She-Hulk? I will put a poll and please post in the comments if your choice did not end up on this list.


Who do you think should play She-Hulk?


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