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So the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser was just released last Friday, and already the INTERNET HAS EXPLODED! As expected, everyone is talking about the new Star Wars trailer! It's already received an insane amount of fan art, GIFs, memes and just about anything it can receive on the internet! Well, add parodies to that list because YouTuber timtimfed has recently uploaded a hilarious video showing what the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer would be like if George Lucas got his editing hands on it.

Hilarious right?! timtimfed perfectly captures what George Lucas WOULD TOTALLY DO! Let's look at the most hilarious points in the trailer.


Towards the end of the trailer the mysterious sith pulls out his/her light saber That's a bit much. I mean, I never understood how Darth Maul didn't accidentally "maul" himself (HAHAHA!). But you, sir or madam are most certainly going home with a boo boo. Also, for no reason at all, there's Hayden Christensen ghost Anakin flashing a smile at the camera. Because.

Well, at least now we know why he was so panicky.

John Boyega was already frightened in the original trailer, but in the George Lucas Special Edition he's got even more reasons to be! I mean just look at his surroundings. Abandoned on a hot desert-like planet, with weird bison things in the background and a Stormtrooper riding some horrific alien-dinosaur thing! All the while an epic space battle happens above you! Or...maybe those are...vultures? Either way, watch your head John!

Uh... all I can really say for this one. Not quite sure who that is. Perhaps my memory is escaping me. But whoever that is, Someone should probably tell him he's out of uniform...


Here we see our brave heroine, played by Daisy Ridley, zooming across the desolate desert! No doubt she's in a hurry to save the day! So she hops aboard her oddly shaped cruiser and zooms across the desert surface! Right past...Jabba the Hut? Well that's unexpected. What would Jabba be doing there? The desert floor would just melt his worm-like skin and leave him shriveled up! (gross) But he doesn't seem to care. Perhaps Jabba's just too bad-ass to care about logic. After all, he somehow got all the way out there on his own. Well OOGA CHAKA to you sir the Hutt! (What's that? That's from Guardians of the Galaxy? Not Star Wars? Well sorry I can't speak Jabba!)

Punch it in the other direction chewie! PUNCH IT IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!!

Whoa! The Millennium Falcon is in some trouble here! This is seriously overkill! You know when you're playing GTA and you punch a dude on the street (because GTA brings the monster out in all of us!) and suddenly THE ENTIRETY OF THE POLICE STATION ATTACKS YOU?! Helicopters, dogs and SWAT teams! Yeah, this scene is a perfect representation of that in the Star Wars Universe! "Sir, I'm afraid you're parking in a handicapped zone."

"Oh sorry, I'll just move—" "RELEASE THE TIE FIGHTERS!!"

The trailer is hilarious. I would actually totally watch this! But, let's just hope it stays a parody for now.

What was your favorite part of the trailer? Also if you liked this, you should definitely check out this amazing article by Maria Garcia here! Still not enough to satisy your hunger for funny Star Wars: Episode VII stuff? Jeez, someone's greedy! Well, here's something else to read—another amazing article here by Rose Moore! But only because I like you, random internet person!


What did you like most about the trailer?


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