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We all know that Ubisoft is already on progress for a brand new sequel for Watch Dogs already. It has been set to be released in the summer of 2016. Along with that there are some movie talks too with Sony Pictures. Since Assassins Creed has been confirmed and Micheal Fassbender and his team are on works right now on a project titled "THE PIECE OF EDEN" this isn't confirmed yet.

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag had many Easter eggs regarding Watch Dogs.Several times I had the name called Blume in the game when I was playing but I didn't took it too serious since I didn't know there was a huge story behind this word.

There's a Fact or a Theory guess I'm not sure which is making sense about it.

Wanna Know?

Just wait?



Lol. I was kidding.... :D

Olivier Garneau, the CEO of the Abstergo Entertainment was assassinated by Aiden Pearce. During he went to attend a meeting *If you haven't noticed or played This is a wrong neighbourhood my friend*

The below video shows the reference from Watch Dogs

BOOM! Mind Blowing right?

So my point for the fellow Assassins Creed fans is, If you are expecting Desmond's return in the future franchises maybe you can find it in the upcoming Watch Dogs sequel somehow.

So I expect The Upcoming Sequel will be full of Easter Eggs or the story can be connected with Assassins Creed franchise..



Are you excited for the WATCH DOGS sequel?


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