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Bob may have managed to get free, but Rick wasn’t going to let that happen. He betrayed them when they tried to make peace with them. Rick really had no choice in the matter, but it’s a show of how different Rick is in Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193). We’ve watched Rick’s slow progression from nonviolent to violent when necessary to defend and now Rick is ordering on humanity himself. Two seasons ago Rick would not have rammed Bob in the back with a vehicle. Rick however is a very different man. He’s willing to work within the confines of a structure, but only when that properly benefits him. This Rick allows those who wrong him one warning before he makes them a non-issue.

Meanwhile, Beth was spending more quality time Dawn as things became increasingly tense in Grady. The two were bonding in a very strange way. The vibe Dawn gives off is unsettling. There’s something wrong with her. She’s cold, but it’s out of necessity. It was refreshing that Beth saw through Dawns acts of friendship. Dawn may not be an inherently bad person, but she’s a manipulator. More terrifying, Dawn puts her self preservation first which means only trouble for Beth. It is that perversion and uncertainty in Dawn’s actions that made her a threat. In one moment she could helping you out, the next moment she’ll throw you under the bus. The only thing tht s consistent thing about Dawn is that she panics when it’s time to get her hands dirty because she is so concerned with gaining everyone’s respect.

Gabriel’s little adventure lead to a lot of trouble for Michonne and Carl. After a miniature freak out when Gabriel saw Bobs tainted meat leg, he attracted the attention of all the walkers in the elementary school. Since he isn’t genius he brings them all back to the church where Michonne and Carl had to let him in and then escape from the flood. All of this because Gabriel had to see that the cannibals were actually cannibals. It’s sad that he wasn’t able to just believe what happened was real. He did see Bob come back without a chunk of his leg that Gabriel had seen was there previously.

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