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Much like millions of other horror fans out there, I've just finished watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead - and I've still got tears in my eyes while writing this. I think it goes without saying that this article contains MASSIVE spoilers for the TV show up until this point, so if you haven't seen this far, I advise you proceed with caution!

So If you've read on this far, I'm presuming you've seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead - and chances are, you're as gutted over the last 5 minutes of the episode as I am.

Over the past week there's been a lot of speculation over a main character death for the mid-season finale, with the two main names coming up being Carol and Beth. Personally, I guessed it was going to be Norman Reedus' character Daryl that got the axe, after hearing rumors that Reedus had cried for an hour on set before filming the mid season finale. Naturally I presumed that Reedus was upset that he had to leave the show, hence the tears - but it seems that he actually had a strong relationship with Emily Kinney on set.

There have been many sad deaths on [The Walking Dead](series:201193), but I would have to say that Beth's passing has upset me the most - simply because she was so young, and went out in such a violent way. Saying this, I had never been a fan of Beth, and in fact I found her to be a rather annoying character - up until recently, when she was kidnapped and trapped inside Grady Memorial Hospital. By that stage I really felt for her character, and just wanted to others to rescue her.

Not to mention the fact that no one saw it coming. One minute she was about to leave with the group, and then next minute she had a bullet go through her skull - and it was pretty graphic, to say the least. So was her death the saddest yet? Hmm well...... I'd say so. Followed closely behind by.....

Merle Dixon

Merle was one of those characters that most people had a love/hate relationship with. In the greater scheme of things, he was a good guy - but his ego was bigger than his head, so to speak. So that was pretty off putting - the characters never knew whether to trust him or not - but he ended up dying trying to help them.

Shane Walsh

Another one of those characters that kept changing from 'good to bad', Shane was at times hard to like, but at times it was also understandable why he acted the way he did. By the time he finally hit the dust he had gone too far, trying to kill his best friend Rick, which definitely dampened down the emotion in his final scene - but I was still upset nonetheless.

Mika/Lizzie Samuels

"Look at the flowers Lizzie." Need I say more? Mika was definitely the more upsetting of the two, due to the fact that her mentally disturbed sister Lizzie had stabbed her to death, but Lizzie's death was sad nonetheless - simply because of Carol's emotional response.

Dale Horvath

Now I'm probably alone when I say this, but Dale was one of my favorite characters on the show up until the end of season 2. He was kind and caring, and always thinking of others. I'll admit that I actually cried for a few minutes during the scene shown above, and I probably would if I watched the show through again!

Lori Grimes

I HATED Lori Grimes. Like, with a passion. She kept the baby? In a zombie apocalypse, are you SERIOUS? Siiiigh. And then after her death, she kept showing up as a ghost - which was more annoying than she ever was in the flesh.

But anyway....

Though I practically cheered with joy when I figured that her character was going to be killed off, the scene was so emotional with the birth of the baby, Carl having to kill his own mum, and Rick finding out that his wife had just died had me crying for like, ten minutes, no joke.

Philip Blake/Brian Heriot/The Governor

Brian started out as a pretty likable character, but as the episodes went on and his 'walker' daughter was killed, he started turning into an absolute monster. He killed many innocent people and commit some truly horrible deeds to others - he was super selfish, with a dash of insane. So why was this a sad death? Wellll.... it just was, okay? I think it's probably a good thing that he met his end, so that he can no longer harm anyone else, but I'd also become attached to unpredictable character over seasons 3 and 4.

Hershel Greene

Another one where I cried. Like, a lot - and I'm actually not ashamed to say so. After having the side of his neck slit by 'The Governor', we think there is a possibility that he could survive, as we see him desperately trying to get away on the grass - before he gets brutally decapitated by Brian, which was the point where I was just staring at the screen in wide mouthed disapproval.

What do you think has been the saddest death so far, and how did you enjoy the mid-season finale? Let me know in the comments section below!


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