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That's it folks! We are officially halfway over with season 5 of The Walking Dead. We now have a few months break to discuss what we thought about this season and what we think will happen for the last half. Beware of spoilers if you haven't seen the mid-season finale please go watch it then jump back to my article!

Rick shoots first asks questions later
Rick shoots first asks questions later

So, we weren't sure if this episode would be just like season 4's mid-season finale with a battle between the Govenor's group and Rick's group. Everything was lined up to see Dawn's hospital cops going against Rick, Darryl, Sasha, Tyreese and Noah. Instead of a huge battle sequence we simply had an incredibly tense final 5 minutes that will leave us talking until February's episodes come around.

Instead of just giving a full recap I'm going to talk about the 3 talking points you all need to know!

3. Morgan is Close to Rick's Group!

That's right. If you didn't see the post credits scene I'm sure someone spoiled it for you online. We saw back in the season 5 premiere that Morgan is still alive and close to the group. We hadn't seen him since. In this scene we see him show up by the school where Bob's leg was being eaten by Gareth and the Canibals AND by the church the group has been staying most of the season.

Morgan finds the group's map to Washington where Abraham left Rick's name. So now Morgan knows that Rick is not only alive but he's close! I'm going to predict that Morgan will finally reunite with Rick by the end of season 5. I'm not sure why they are dragging it out so much but I sure hope once Morgan arrives he's here to stay for awhile!

2. The Group has no home. Again.

Last week Father Gabriel snuck out of the church while he was with Michonne, Carl and baby Judith. We find out that the reason he snuck away was to find out if the cannibals really were as bad as Rick's group suspected. That's where he found Bob's cooked half eaten leg.

The major problem is by trying to sneak back he lead a huge herd of Walkers straight to the church. Michonne and Carl fought off as many as they could but the church couldn't be saved. This now of course means Rick's group has no home again. With Eugene's Washington Mission being a lie will the group still try to go there? Will the rest of this season be on the run? While on the road will the group run into another violent group such as the cannibals or the Hunters from last season?

1. Beth is Killed by Dawn

Did you think there would be a different #1? [The Walking Dead](series:201193) has never been shy about killing off main cast members. We've seen it tons of times before. However, I think the biggest problem I had with this kill is that we only JUST started getting character development last season with Beth. Season 2 and 3 she was basically a background character. It wasn't until season 4 when she was paired with Darryl where she was given significant screen time.

We all had a feeling that come the mid-season finale something big would happen. I guess I just wanted someone else to die. Just when you think she's finally safe BAM she's shot dead?

Sure, it was shocking but when we look at the grand scope of the whole season it feels like our time was wasted. I'm totally okay with characters being killed here and there but I don't want this show just killing so that they can try to shock us.

The only positive I saw come out of this scene in the hospital hallway was Norman Reedus' performance after she was killed. Darryl didn't even hesitate walking right up to Dawn and shooting her point blank in the skull. Reedus did a magnificent job showing how of all of the group in that hallway, her death hurt him the most of all. Much like Sophia of season 2, Darryl probably feels like he has failed this young girl in saving her.

What did you guys think though? Was this a shocking mid-season finale or did it feel like a waste for Beth to be killed just like that? Please comment below so we can discuss!

Maggie's reaction to her sister's death
Maggie's reaction to her sister's death

Thanks for reading and have a TREMENDOUS day! :)

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