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Now, in all the excitement over the newly released Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer (and, by excitement, I mean that whole hour where we all watched it over and over again, which I still maintain was a completely reasonable response), one thing got slightly forgotten - or, rather, one person.

After all, this is the first trailer in the series that George Lucas - the man who created the beloved Star Wars saga in the first place - didn't have a hand in.

And, no matter how you feel about the prequels, or Ewoks, or the special editions, that's actually kind of a big deal. So, it's awesome news that Michael Shanks over at Late Nite Films has put together a new version of the Force Awakens trailer - only this time, as George Lucas will re-do it in ten to twenty years.

That's right - get ready for the Star Wars Episode VII Trailer: The Special Edition...

In which we get to see...

Very Little of the Screen!

...because it's obscured by a dewback.

A Much Less Surprising introduction to John Boyega!

Also featuring a dewback, because if there's one over-sized lizard George Lucas loves...'s definitely the dewback.

We also, though, get to see...

Way Less of the New Droid!!

A Bonus Stormtrooper!

Featuring the Empire's fearsome fighting force the way Lucas always intended - with a New Zealand accent.

A Sneaky Cameo!

Computer-generated Sy Snootles, we missed you!

Jabba the freakin' Hutt!

Or, presumably, his nephew, Gorga the Hutt.


Clearly someone else shot first...

The Return of Threepio and Artoo!

Who always turn up at the most inconvenient times...

A New Villain Rising!

With Anakin just kind of...chilling out, nearby.

Though maybe he's there to check out...

A Bad-Ass Twist on the Lightsaber!

Darth Maul eat your heart out...

And, of course...

Way. More. Ships!

Because sure, two TIE fighters are great. But fifty? That's twenty-five times more awesome.

The best part, though?

Shanks does such a fantastic job of the editing, you can almost forget it's not real - and whether you're a fan of Lucas' changes to the movies or not, that's incredibly impressive...

The big question, though? What do you guys think?


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