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Sometimes I play video games.
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As the primary gamer in my otherwise tech-fearing family, I've often tried to convince my relatives to give video games a proper shot. My mom's a formidable Tetris master, and certainly played her fair share of Super Mario in her time, but her inability to wrap her head around a modern console controller leaves her either staring straight at the ground or hilariously spinning in endless circles.

For whatever reason, there seems to be an insurmountable barrier to entry when it comes to the elder generation trying to get into games. Whether it's because they didn't grow up with a dual-joystick controller in hand, or that their aging reflexes just aren't up to competing against headshot-obsessed teens, it's clear that most 60+'s aren't going to be lighting up the online leaderboards any time soon. But what happens when you sit a group of pensioners down in front of Call of Duty, hand them a controller and leave them alone to face the online brutality of the internet? React's Youtube gaming series did just that, and this is what happened...

The Valiant Elderly Soldiers Showed Plenty of Enthusiasm...

"I'm Ready!"
"I'm Ready!"

...Celebrated Other Players' kills...

"The kill cam actually shows you how you died, that's not you playing."
"The kill cam actually shows you how you died, that's not you playing."

...and Shot Off Lots and Lots of Friendly Fire!

The gaming elders were hilariously good sports, but as one woman quite rightly concluded, "I think I probably should have played Call of Duty: Basic Warfare first!"

Be sure to check out the full video below:


Do your parents play games?


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