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Now, to say I got massively overexcited by the release of the new Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer is...well, it's a huge understatement, is what it is.

You've probably read the same sort of broad, sweeping exclamations of geek joy in a hundred different articles by now, though, so I'll skip down to the end - the trailer was actually, in a rare turn of events when it comes to long-awaited things - even better than anyone expected.

And, better yet, it's now led to a whole bunch of fan-created artistic awesomeness, that might just keep us going all the way through to...well, tomorrow, but that's just how Star Wars obsession rolls.

First up:

Fan Art Gets Lightsaber-y

Which isn't too surprising - I mean, look at that thing. It's awesome...

So, we're talking...

A Full on Broadsword Style Lightsaber

In which Deviant Art's eddieholly awesomely channels the Middle Ages.

The Trailer's Lightsaber Gets a New Angle

Which bosslogix shows can be just as epic as the trailer itself.

And, of course...

We Get to See the Other Side of the Sith

In fantastically literal fashion by apfelgriebs.

We, also, though, got...

A Better Look at the New Cast Members

And when I say a better look, I mean...

Oscar Isaac's X-Wing Pilot Gets a Makeover

Courtesy of two awesome pieces by Patrick Seymour...

Daisy Ridley's Character Gets a Home

In the form of DarthTemoc's fantastic AT-AT...


The New Droid Gets Adorable

Care of Xyrten (and the droid being inherently adorable, of course).

When it comes to John Boyega, though - he really gets to shine in one of these...

Epic Fan Made Posters

Which also include...

Pure Old School Simplicity

In the form of Francesco Francavilla's beautiful lightsaber-centric design.

The Stormtroopers Taking Center Stage

Courtesy of Orlando Arocena's fantastically angular piece.

And, finally, my personal favorite...

John Boyega (and Daisy Ridley) Get Iconic

Which is just plain awesome.

Kudos, Phil Noto - you win at the internet this weekend.

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the Force Awakens fan art?

Source: io9, Dorkly, Geek Tyrant

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