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So. That Star Wars trailer, huh? That was...downright awesome.

It was also, though, absolutely rammed full of general Star Wars-universe awesomeness - revamped stormtroopers, rolling droids, exotic new lightsabers and Millenium freakin' Falcon's, galore. So much so, in fact, that not all of it was necessarily to everyone's taste.

(I mean, full disclosure - my first response to the new droid was to be ever-so-slightly concerned. Now, that went away completely after seeing Oscar Isaac piloting an X-Wing, but still - there was a brief moment of doubt in there somewhere.)

But that new lightsaber? That seems to have prompted everyone, everywhere, to either instantly fall in love - or to question just what the hell that thing is, and why does it have mini-blades?

The good news, though? That questioning has mostly been pretty tongue-in-cheek - and often downright hilarious.

Like, for instance...

The Brand New, Be-Handled Lightsaber

Which normally looks a little something like this...

...but has, in the hands of the talented photo-shoppers of the internet, become...

A Sith Army Knife

via Imgur
via Imgur

Because Swiss Army Knives are better when also lasers.

An Inappropriately Positioned Open Sign

via knowyourmeme
via knowyourmeme

Because the Sith will see you now.

A Fully Loaded Saber

via imgur
via imgur

Because the more the merrier...

A Lonely Sith Birthday Party

via movieweb
via movieweb

Because balloon animals can be both awesome AND tragic.

A Strange Chewbacca Cameo

via imgur
via imgur

Because Chewie!

An Introduction to a Brand New Jedi

via imgur
via imgur

Because Jesus totally would rock a green lightsaber.

And, of course...

An Actual Laser Chainsaw

via imgur
via imgur


The big question, though? What do you guys think?


Loving the new versions of the lightsabers?

via Distractify, Imgur, Dorkly


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