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Nintendo fans rejoice! All your favorite video game franchises could be heading to mobile platforms very shortly...

USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) recently reported that Nintendo has filed a patent for 'Hand-held Video Game Platform Emulation' in the US. The patent details the company's plans to allow consumers to play old Gameboy games on their mobiles, PDAs and on airplane and train seat-back displays. Nintendo's expansion into the mobile market has been long since rumored for years, but it looks like it may now finally be happening!

The exact patent reads:

In some circumstances, it may be desirable to enable people to play GAME BOY.RTM. video games and other GAME BOY.RTM. applications on a personal digital assistant, cellular telephone or other such device.

So What Does That Mean?

In short, we could see classic Nintendo properties such as Mario, Zelda and Pokemon start to appear on the App Store, which would be, well, absolutely awesome! Gameboy emulators have previously been available on iPhones, but not officially, forcing Apple users to jailbreak their hardware if they wanted to play. However, this patent indicates Nintendo may be planning to offer their hugely impressive catalogue of games for download!

For those worried about the technical limitations of porting handheld or console games to mobile, it seems Nintendo is committed to preserving the quality of their games' original performance - even on new devices:

Another challenge to designing a good software emulator relates to maintaining excellent image and sound quality. Ideally, the software emulator running on the target platform should be able to produce graphic displays that are at least the same quality as those that would be seen on the native platform.

Offering high-quality ports of their own for reasonable prices is certainly preferable to having their games illegally emulated and downloaded for free, so it seems to me like a smart move. I would absolutely drop a few bucks for Pokemon Blue on my phone. Make it happen Nintendo!

What Nintendo games do you want to see emulated? Kirby? Mario Kart? Metroid? Let me know in the comments!


Would you buy Nintendo's games if they were on the App Store?

[Source: NeoGAF]

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