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Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has been talking to fans on Twitter about the possibility of uniting two of their biggest blockbuster franchises for one ultimate blowout game! Twitter user UNIFIED messaged Spencer with his grand idea:

To be honest, a Gears/Halo crossover game has never even crossed my mind before, but now it has I can't stop thinking about the epic possibilities! Could we see Master Chief fighting side by side with Marcus, helping him storm a Locust stronghold? Or maybe Baird and Johnson chainsawing the head of an Elite clean off?!

Apparently the suggestion also got the head of Xbox thinking hard too:

'Change genres,' huh? Since Halo is primarily a first-person shooter and Gears is a cover based third-person game, Microsoft would have to decide which style to side with. Though perhaps one valid answer would be 'neither.' The Halo franchise has already tried switching up genres, exploring the real-time-strategy space with Halo Wars in 2009. Could we see a base-building strategy game set in one combined universe? Or how about pitting these two video game giants against each other?! Can you imagine the carnage?

With Nintendo's franchise-mash-up, Super Smash Bros., having just been released, and Sony's game-crossover beat-em-up, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, also out, Microsoft seems rather late to the party. But better late than never.

Judging by Spencer's comments, Microsoft doesn't seem averse to the idea of doing something excitingly unexpected:

The Xbox One doesn't have a new Gears OR Halo game yet. Is it crazy to wish for a two-in-one package?!


Could this dream combination actually happen, or should the rumor be promptly curb stomped to death?


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