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So, we finally know who that voice in the new Star Wars trailer is, and we might have already spotted a pretty epic Easter egg hiding inside it - but there's still one big mystery remaining: Who the hell was that villain?

Well, I think we've probably all got our own theories - with some of the most popular including Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christie and Luke freakin' Skywalker - but there's very little we actually know for sure about the actual character.

Until now, that is - if intrepid Redditor Grohik is on to something, at any rate...

Their theory? That...

The Star Wars 7 Trailer's Villain is a Treasure Hunter

Not that kind.
Not that kind.

Specifically, the theory goes, he's this guy:

The mysterious Sith figure we've already seen in leaked concept art, who, as you can see, clearly has a major thing for the Sith, and their history...

What makes him the same guy from the Star Wars 7 trailer, though, I hear you ask?


The New Lightsaber is the Key

Which - aside from being unrealistically awesome - is also very different to any lightsaber we've seen on screen before. It's rougher, rawer, less controlled - and, as Grohik points out, "more primal."

Which suggests...what exactly?

Well, that lightsaber might be so rough and raw not because it's poorly made, or just kind of weird, but because it actually predates the modern Star Wars era that we've so far seen on screen. Which would potentially explain the unusual crossguard design of the handle - perhaps that was the usual way of making lightsabers thousands of years earlier?

The lightsaber, then, might in fact be an antique - one looted by that same villain who seems to have acquired Darth Vader's mask.

Which, in turn, means that the new villain could, in fact, be a collector of Sith artifacts. The only problem I can see? It's an awfully similar background to Emperor Palpatine's in the Expanded Universe...

The big question then, though?


Just who is that villain (collector or otherwise)?

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