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When [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) hit theaters, we immediately started picking it apart for everything we could find, like Yondu's Ravagers pulling apart a pirated spaceship to get the goods. Easter eggs, clues, allusions to other movies in the MCU, and any hints of what might come, if it was there, the internet found it.

Still, there was one "big" Easter egg that James Gunn himself recently said fans hadn't yet uncovered, but that might no longer be the case. As it turns out, it was hidden in plain view all along, aboard the biggest ship in the movie...

You fools.
You fools. reader Rasmus Bomullstuss Lundqvuist (+10 charisma for having an awesome name, guy) sent them the following discovery:

In Guardians of the Galaxy there are coordinates for different places.From my first viewing of the film I knew that they hid stuff in those coordinates.

Some forums have already explained that Morag and Xandar coordinates are in fact real astronomical coordinates in the Andromeda Galaxy. However I solved another coordinate.

The Dark Aster, Ronan's warship has the coordinates:T8IS IS1301319+31N3518

Using a simple number to letter cipher I have concluded the following:

T 8 I S I S 13 O 13 19 3 1 N 3 5 18


"This is moms cancer." I don't think this is a coincidence as Peter Quills mother dies of cancer at the beginning of the film.

Nice metaphor there - the looming, seemingly unstoppable threat of the Dark Aster that an adult Peter Quill could physically fight, something Peter Quill as a child could not, the living embodiment of the cancer that ravaged his mother. As we've heard so many times from James Gunn that Guardians of the Galaxy is, first and foremost, a story about the bond between a boy and his mother, it's fitting.

So is that it? Is that the last Easter egg that Guardians will reveal? Or are there even more waiting to be unearthed?


Have we found all the GotG Easter eggs?


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