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So at this point anyone who cares about Star Wars at all has seen the trailer and been filled with an insurmountable feeling of joy and happiness. As fulfilling as the trailer was though, there is one aspect of the movie that remains to be explored. What happened to Luke?!

From what's been leaked we pretty much know that Han and Leia and Chewbacca are all fine and well, but we haven't heard anything about Luke who was the main character of the O.G. trilogy (but an argument can be made for Darth Vader).

I've read a lot of theories about what other people think happened to him and now I am ready to state my theory.

Luke Skywalker is not hiding because of his powers, and he's not the villain either. Instead he's hiding and training new Jedi because his dark side powers failed him.

Luke following in the steps of Obi-Wan?
Luke following in the steps of Obi-Wan?

Ok, now hear me out, the entire point of the original trilogy was about Luke choosing the light side or the dark side. My theory starts a couple years after episode six. Luke meets another force user who uses the dark side of the force. At first they are at odds with each other but then Luke seeks council from his force buddies (Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anikin, try to keep up!). He then realizes that in order for himself to be at balance with the Force, he needs to be in tuned with both the light and the dark. He and the other force user then spend years training each other in their respective ways of the force and eventually they are both masters. Leia then asks Luke to begin training more Jedi so that they have an army to combat evil once again. The other Force user however, convinces Luke to say no resulting in a strained relationship between him and the other original heroes.

The two force users, however, continue to protect the galaxy alone for many years and things start looking up, which means something bad gets to happen! A group of imperial leaders who have been in hiding finally amass an army large enough to attack the capital city of the new republic. Luke and his partner arrive too late and see that the imperials were defeated but a lot of people died. He of course is blamed and he leaves the republic with his partner.

As even more years go by the Empire is returning to its power with the example it made of the republic capital. Luke and his partner have been fighting hard against them but cannot stop them. Soon they receive word from an inside man that a new Death Star is being constructed. Luke and his partner go to stop it only to arrive and say,

Right on cue Admiral.
Right on cue Admiral.

They fight but Luke's partner dies and he loses and his hand and his lightsaber, although he manages to escape. He returns to his current base of operations and takes his daughter to his home planet of Tatooine to be kept safe and raised. That's right, his partner was Mara freaking Jade and Daisy Ridley is his daughter.

Anyway Luke then retreats to an uninhabited planet and lives as a hermit because of his failure. Soon he senses something in the dark side and feels the power of the Sith returning. He then begins to use the force to draw force sensitive people to his refuge planet so that they can be trained to fight just like Leia asked for years earlier.

And that's my theory. Yes it's very fan and there aren't facts to back it up but it lines up with the movie. From the rumors we've heard, the old crew hasn't seen Luke for years. Why? Because he left after the imperial attack.

Also remember that one rumor about the opening of the movie and the new guys finding his hand and lightsaber. Well there you go.

Plus it would be awesome if we saw the child of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker in this movie.

Anyway, that's my two cents. What did you think of this article? What do you guys think happened to Luke? Let's nerd out in the comments. Until then I'm gonna go watch the trailer a few more times. Peace!


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